Learning Together

UVA IPE IPE involves two or more health and social care professions learning “about, from and with each other” (WHO, 2010) across the learning continuum from pre-licensure education to continuing education.  IPE incorporates an interactive learning approach and hasBlue arrow BETTER PATIENT CARE  been linked to the development of interprofessional collaborative practice core competencies which in turn leads to improved patient outcomes.


"IPE isn’t a nicety. It’s an essential that prepares our students to be collaboration-ready upon graduation."

Beth Quatrara, CIPC Co-Director

AT exams- male instructor, 2 students Interprofessional education and practice is needed everywhere-- in the classroom and simulation lab, at the bedside, and across the community. Following are some of the ways UVA is bringing together healthcare students at all levels:

  • Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy experts shared collaborative strategies for comprehensively caring for patients with spinal cord injuries.
  • An interprofessional (IP) panel presented engaging collaborative strategies in caring for complex oncology patients.
  • IP Cardiology clinicians presented their collaborative approach to patient and family-centered care at UVA.
  • Registered Dietician interns provided collaborative aproaches to addressing the nutritional needs of diabetic patients.
  • Athletic Trainers shared their expertise in musculosketetal exams in a hands-on IP workshop. 

"The (interprofessional) musculoskeletal exam session with Athletic Training was very helpful...it was an invaluable experience for me to have hands-on, tactile learning...students and professors were knowledgeable and warm and made the experience very enjoyable...I would love to do it again and expand upon what we learned even more. I'd definitely recommend this for students in the future."

UVA Advance Practice nursing student