Innovations in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

UVA We burst This page highlights the current initiatives and interests of the members of the UVA Center for Interprofessional Collaborations (CIPC) and affiliated faculty and staff.  We welcome interest and inquiries about our work.  


Mattering in Healthcare

  • Mattering in Healthcare – a collaborative research initiative (with the Behavioral Research at Darden Lab) aimed at discovering what makes health care providers feel as though they matter. Our research demonstrates that mattering at work is correlated with lower levels of burnout and higher engagement.  [Funded by a 3 Cavaliers Grant]  


Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking in Healthcare Curriculum Development - faculty from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine and Architecture are using design thinking to create an elective course for 4th year medical and nursing students to facilitate the transition into practice as collaboration-ready team members. [Funded by a 3 Cavaliers Grant]



  • 4VA – a statewide IPE project to develop interprofessional team-based models utilizing telehealth and harnessing resources from four Virginia universities-- University of Virginia (UVA), James Madison University (JMU), Old Dominion University (ODU), and Virginia Tech/Carilion (VTC) to address key challenges related to the opioid crisis as identified by public/private stakeholders. 

Biomedical Engineering

  • Collaboration Provides Inspiration- Faculty in Biomedical Engineering (BME), Nursing and Medicine are joining forces to enrich the clinical experience of graduate students in BME.  Masters level BME students will join Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) students and/or clinicians to observe a patient population’s experience across the care continuum.  The goal of the program is for the students to collaborate in the identification and characterization of technology-related challenges that exist for patients and care providers in the inpatient, outpatient, procedural and community settings and then to work together to create solutions.

Escape Room

  • Escape Room: Unlocking Interprofessional Learning- Faculty from the Schools of Nursing and Medicine are developing an innovative and active learning strategy to help prepare interprofessional team-ready clinicians. Using an “escape room” concept, learners solve patient care or quality improvement problems in a fun, interactive, team setting. The developers' goal is to design an escape room model which is both transportable to a variety of locations and adaptable to a variety of learners and clinical scenarios.

Research Design: Compassionate Care Initiative

  • Research Design Support for Compassionate Care Initiative – Joining with the UVA School of Nursing Compassionate Care Initiative to adapt and implement the ASPIRE Collaborative Care Best Practice Models (CCBPMs) to measure the effects of mindfulness interventions on individual responses to a stressful simulated medical encounter.