Educational Activities

There are many interprofessional educational activities at UVA for students and clinicians including workshops and clinical programs.

IPE Educational Activities landing photo

ASPIRE supports a wide variety of workshops and clinical programs that seek to build teamwork competencies across all levels of training and practice. Workshops utilize standardized patients and high-fidelity simulations from the UVA School of Nursing Clinical Stimulation Learning Center, the UVA School of Medicine Medical Simulation Center, and the  UVA School of Medicine Clinical Skills Center.


Workshops are integrated into the core learning of students. Some are required, others are elective. Several are student – initiated and run. Learners gain measurable improvements in teamwork skills that they can take with them into the clinical setting

Clinical Programs

Clinical programs train students and clinicians from across the health professions to work more effectively together in teams to deliver safe and high-quality care for patients and their families.